Everybody Struggles

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve fallen off the wagon with my writing. I started writing again, it really helped my depression, I succeeded in a small goal, I gave myself a bigger goal, I subsequently got stuck on my bigger goal, and have since been playing video games to take my mind off of the fact that I want to keep going but am stuck in a rut.

My mind hasn’t stopped thinking about my writing problem though and now I think I may have found a solution. This post is going to be about plotting and it will be in favor of it. I understand that some people find it easier to write without plotting, and if that be the case for you – great. I’m not one of those people. So if you too find yourself inevitably overthinking each detail about your story as well, perhaps this will help you too.

I’ve never written a novel. I am currently working on my first one, and even though I’ve done tons of research before hand I’m still running into problems that I wouldn’t have foreseen or I did foresee but didn’t expect them to cause such a massive and sudden stop to my writing.

I am writing a traditional fantasy novel in the structure of Joseph Campbell’s original Hero’s Journey, also known as the monomyth. I split everything up and have the story planned out based on this structure. However, once I began writing, I realized that each plot point could have multiple scenes – they weren’t each a scene in and of themselves.

Now, I’ve written short stories before – so I know I am capable of that and they don’t cause me much anxiety. A novel however is a much more daunting task. Focusing on writing each scene as part of the whole is something that I think is causing me to have increased anxiety about the whole thing and is making my problem worse.

So I thought of this: why not write each scene as if it’s a short story? When I’m plotting, I have the overall structure, I have what I need to achieve in my story  for each plot point planned out in like a paragraph, and then I split that up into scenes that I imagine are needed to achieve everything I’ve wrote out in the paragraph. So I know how each scene will tie into the whole story already because of my in depth outline. If I just make sure to stay true to that, then hopefully I will avoid any plot holes. By writing each scene as if it is it’s own short story, hopefully it will help me wrap each scene up succinctly and also keep me from getting overwhelmed. I’m hoping that by doing this, I can get back into writing from my short little relapse and keep moving forward!

If this helped you too or if you have any questions, please feel free to like, comment, and/or share! I’ll catch you all next time. Cheers!


Published by: Michael Anthony Rullo

The quote, “...je pense, donc je suis…” by René Descartes means, "...I think, therefore I am..." in English. I write it in the language it was originally written because I want to represent it as closely as possible to its truest meaning. This quote is one of only two quotes to come from philosophy that cannot be disproved, doubted, or otherwise refuted in any significant way (at least in my opinion). To sum up the first, I cannot doubt my existence as a "thinking thing" because to doubt is to think, and to think is to exist as a thinking thing at the very least. So I do not believe it can be doubted that you exist at least as a thinking thing - even if you can possibly doubt everything else. The second can be stated as follows: nothing cannot exist. If it were to exist, it would then be something. By definition, something cannot be something and nothing at the same time. Even though most people would believe these two statements to be irrelevant in their perceptions of reality, to me they offer hope. If nothing cannot exist, and I can be certain that I exist as a thinking thing, then to me this implies that whatever this thinking thing is it cannot cease to exist simply because our corporeal bodies do. Therefore I have hope that when our bodies parish we will experience some sort of continued existence. Although I don't claim to know what that is, I have hope that my mind will continue on in a different form of existence: whatever that may be. This is who I am. A man who could not be satisfied by religion, nor by a lack thereof as a means of coping with my mortality. This small chain of logic has brought me peace, and if it turns out in the end that I am wrong: my mind will live on through my writing.

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