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An Explanation to No One - It’s been a very long time since I’ve decided to write anything. I say decided instead of been able to because even though I felt like I was unable to mentally, there’s nothing physically stopping me from writing. So, I decided to write here instead of on my private journal (which I’ve also been neglecting). … Continue reading An Explanation to No One
#YouShouldBeWriting - Whether you use the hashtag or not, you know that you should be writing… if you are a writer of course. I try to tweet a post every day with this hashtag and a funny little picture to go along with it, partly to motivate others, but mostly to motivate myself. However if you follow … Continue reading #YouShouldBeWriting
Everybody Struggles - For the past couple of weeks, I’ve fallen off the wagon with my writing. I started writing again, it really helped my depression, I succeeded in a small goal, I gave myself a bigger goal, I subsequently got stuck on my bigger goal, and have since been playing video games to take my mind off … Continue reading Everybody Struggles